Monday, 9 January 2012

Un Petit Cadeau

We have some wonderful friends in the village who are never failing in their support and care during difficult times. They are a remarkable family. Mum is the most staggerly organised person I know running husband, three children and a large dog and making it look effortless! Dad is in the armed forces and travels a lot. They have basically gutted their house and redone it completely and it looks gorgeous. Anyway, before you are physically sick at these paragons (and I spoil it by telling you how much I get teased by Dad!)I wanted to show you the Christmas present that I made them. I wanted to make them something personal but useful. I settled on a cushion because:

a) It was within my sewing capabilities!
b) I could personalise it with iron on transfers

Mum of the family is of French descent (her Mum was in the French Resistance, how cool is that!) and we have shared many excellent times on French family holidays over the year. Therefore I decided to use a vintage french label found on the excellent "The Graphics Fairy" blog and use put my own message inside.

They moved to the village at the same time we did so I changed the "Maison Fondee" date on Publisher. I put their family name at the top and decided that I wanted my main message to be "Home is where the heart is..." In their case they really love their home and work so hard at getting it just perfect for their family. I have to confess that my French is school girl so I used Babelfish to make sure that I got the phrasing right. I printed the Publisher document onto transefer paper and ironed it onto some calico. I appliqued the Calico panel onto the cushion front and then put the rest of it together.

They LOVED it. I was so pleased, both with the cushion and their reaction. The only problem is topping it next year!


fairy thoughts said...

great cushion it looks suitably french. I think i regognise the backing fabrict

Nicki Rocky said...

Hmmm, I wonder why you recognise the fabric?! I think it looks nice a retro though?

Sheryl said...

What a fun idea! Looks great! I am just starting to work on a project using the same if I have some left, maybe I'll make a pillow or two!

Country Lane

Nicki Rocky said...

*Squeal* my first ever comment from someone I don't physically know! Thannkyou for your kind word Sheryl and thank you for leaving a comment. Nicki x

senior papercrafter said...

What smashing luck I ended up on your blog thru don't know how many links tonight but so glad I did. I would so love to visit England.
Anyway I love that pillow and am going to try to make it for myself first to try it then for a gift for our daughter. She loves French things, took French in High school. I'm not sure I can do as well as you as I'm not digitally proficient but what the heck, it's worth a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Nicki Rocky said...

Thank you senior papercrafter, and THANK YOU for following me! You are my first follower that I don't physically know and I am really excited!

Please let me know if you have any problems with the transfer or the software and I'll be glad to help. I get on best with the Avery transfer paper for light fabrics but there are loads available.