Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It's Panto Time - Oh no it isn't!

Well, it's village panto time again and that means that I am on duty as set designer and chief artist.  It also it means that Ed (long suffering husband) is learning lines and number one daughter seems to be doing dance routines in her sleep!

Anyway, Ed is a ship's captain in this year's Dick Whittington and no gnarly old sea dog is complete without a Parrot.  I really didn't fancy sewing one so the hunt was on for a knitting pattern.  Finally found one in Kath Dalmeny's "World of Knitted Toys" book (second hand through Amazon marketplace for £0.01 plus p&p, genius!).

Anyway finally finished the darn thing and pretty pleased with the result!  Hope to post some action shots of the stunt parrot later!